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Revisiting the Past

Well here I am, a photo of me loving every minute of earning my degree. My love for jewellery design began way before then though. I spent the early part of my teen years in the middle east. What an amazing experience that was! Part of that experience was visiting the gold markets or souks. Wow what a sight! A labyrinth of paths leading to jewellery stalls full of the brightest, most elaborate jewellery I'd ever seen. Gold chains hanging down the walls, so many patterns and intricate arrangements! This memory stuck with me when I chose to study silversmithing and jewellery at Loughborough College of Art and Design.

My final pieces for my degree were very much focused on exploring chains and linkage. I was fascinated by chain maille and how jewellery could be made to become so fluid. I'm still very influenced by this today.

And then life takes over, taking me along different paths I hadn't thought of, marriage, babies, jobs, careers........and then.........Boom! Covid strikes the world and I was exposed to more free time than I'd ever had before.

Lockdown has given me time to explore my passion again. It's given me time to design again, to get my creative motivation back and revisit my zest for learning. I can't tell you how many jewellery ideas I have whirling around in my head but I'm so excited to be sharing some of them with you whilst on this adventure. Thank you for taking the time to look at this story. By wearing my jewellery you're part of my journey too.

Anne x

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