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How excited was I to have been approached to do a commission piece of jewellery! And in gold!!! Amazing! Chuffed! Thrilled!........Scared beyond belief! I have worked with gold before but never for a client who will be parting with their hard-earned money and never in this quantity before. But I did it and I am so pleased with the final piece.

I was asked to make a byzantine bracelet from 9ct gold and here it is. I added a gold tag for hallmarking plus a smaller heart tag as an extra detail.

These photos show how the gold looked before I put it all together.

And here is the final bracelet ready to be packaged up for my client. I am super pleased with the final design.

I decided to package it up into a simple black, soft touch box wrapped with a piece of my ribbon that has been stamped in gold writing to match the piece of jewellery.

If you like what you see or would like a different design in gold please message me where I can answer any questions you may have. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Oh by the way, the client was super pleased with her bracelet too!

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