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The Here and Now

Here I am. This is me trying on one of my necklaces. I think I was sending the picture to my daughter, for her approval....She approved!

I thought I'd write a little bit about what I do and what I'm planning to do in the near future with my jewellery so you can get to know me better.

Gold!!! That bright, glittering, precious metal! I must admit I haven't been able to work with it much but well, I'm loving it now! I'm currently working on a privately commissioned piece in 9ct gold that is being made into a byzantine bracelet. I do love silver on skin for its cool lustre but gold brings out that warmness of the complexion. Both metals have that desirable quality of highlighting the skin wherever it is worn on the body.

I'm close to launching a new design of chain called 'twist'. The twisted pattern is perfect for wearing alone or layered with other pieces. As with all of my chains, this design is very tactile if you're the type of person, (I certainly am), who finds comfort in moving your necklace or bracelet between your fingers whilst on a night out ....or when engrossed in a film ......or daydreaming about the future........or reminiscing about old times. Sorry, got carried away there but you know you're one of those people too. I can sense it!

My other little project I'm working on is a 'friendship' bracelet. Actually it isn't necessarily about friends but I had in mind a bracelet that could be sent as a gift to a loved one. I'm working on a simple design that can easily be paired up with other similar bracelets. After all, we have many friends and we all love a layered look don't we? This design will fit the wearer perfectly as the length can be adjusted. Some like to wear a bracelet close to the skin whereas others like to feel it loose so it moves about more on the wrist. Well, this can do both!

I do hope I haven't waffled on too much but I'm beginning to enjoy these little blog thingies. Can't wait to share these new projects with you. In the meantime, relish the 'here and now' and enjoy the last few summer days because colder ones are on the way! Anne x

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